Tethered Drones for Public Safety

Public Safety organizations globally have increasingly leveraged the power of drones to enhance operations, providing better security at large events, more robust intelligence for search and rescue, and better accountability practices. The limitation of standard drones, however, is flight time. Many situations long outlast the battery of a drone and inhibit their effective use.

Superfly is a tether system that connects to the drone you already own. For most drones, it enables up to 10 hours of flight time, and enhances the safety profile of drone use, eliminating the risk of battery-related crashes.

With thermal payloads, Superfly gives better intelligence for firefighting and search and rescue, allowing persistent surveillance of situations as they change over time. Commercial fires can be monitored for hours, giving firefighting teams more information about how the situation changes over time. Search and Rescue teams can monitor a large area for longer, allowing them to better manage resources and maintain control over complex environments.

With optical payloads, Superfly makes events safer. Paired with high-zoom camera options for the DJI Matrice series, Superfly lets security teams notice every threat, and maintain that level of security for an entire event. Further, high risk tactical operations are made safer, thanks to unprecedented aerial insights that last as long as the mission needs.

Spooky Action Superfly Tether System


Key Features


We can adapt the system to any drone under 55 lbs.

Longer Flight Time

Superfly lets your drone fly indefinitely. Our system enables most drones to fly for 10+ hours in this configuration


Superfly 2 is designed to seamlessly integrate with your drone and can be set up within minutes.