Spooky Action builds
American Made Tethered Drones

Telelift is a flying cell tower for rapid connectivity critical in challenging environments

Watchtower is the world’s most powerful tethered drone for aerial observation

Superfly 2 gives your existing drone 10+ hours of flight time

Custom Solutions that can be configured to carry payloads of up to 10 kgs/22 lbs

We build the world's most powerful tethered drones

At Spooky Action, we build tethered drone systems that enable ultra-endurance flight. We design & assemble all our tether systems right here in the USA. All systems are NDAA Compliant. We are trusted by some of the largest telecom companies and governments in the world.


Internet anywhere

watch the ted talk

Our mission is to bring connectivity and intelligence to the world. In his TED Talk, our CEO explains the opportunity to use our technology to support development in the global south.

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About the company

Spooky Action is a Minnesota-based tech company. We build the world’s most powerful tethered drones that fly forever. Our tether systems are compatible with every major enterprise drone on the market, with no modification. With applications in public safety, telecom, airlines and natural disaster recovery, our tether systems are pushing the limits of drone capabilities.

Spooky Action is named after a quantum mechanics concept in physics called “spooky action at a distance” – a phenomenon previously thought impossible. It showed quantum particles could talk to each other faster than the speed of light—almost as if they were tethered.