Our tethered drones have wide applications across industries. Discover the many uses of our evolving technology.


Cellular on Wheels (COW) systems have remained the standard for temporary, low-cost telecommunications infrastructure for the past several decades. Despite their prevalence, current COW systems suffer from substantial design problems that make them difficult to deploy. Particularly, these systems tend to be very expensive and lack portability.

We have developed a reliable, low cost, and mobile telecom system in conjunction with a large international telecom company. Telelift is a drone-based flying cell tower capable of providing 4G LTE network coverage indefinitely over an expansive area.

Public Safety

Telelift is a flying cell tower that provides connectivity for first responders during crises in disaster-hit areas for relief work, where quick & efficient communication is crucial. 

For large scale event security, it’s often very difficult to deploy sufficient personnel to adequately cover a large area. Telelift allows security teams to survey complex environments with fewer personnel, enabling the detection and management of dangerous situations more effectively.