Spooky Action custom built tethered drone


The Flying Cell Tower

Telelift is a tethered multirotor aircraft designed to enable connectivity in any environment. With industry-leading payload capabilities and guaranteed reliability, Telelift is uniquely capable of meeting your connectivity needs.

A closer look at Spooky Action's Telelift flying cell tower drone

Our advantage

Key Features

carrier-grade payloads

Telelift can haul up to 10kg of carrier-grade telecommunications equipment. Configurable with standard 4G, 5G, and WiFi payloads, meshing seamlessly into your team’s operations.

All-day operations

Telelift goes the distance. Our system is rated for hundreds of hours of continuous flying connectivity, and is capable of completely autonomous flight. Telelift flies under standard Part 107 rules.


Telelift packs light and deploys ultra-fast. Power the tether system from a vehicle, generator, or shore power. The entire system packs into standard Pelican cases and deploys in minutes.


Immediate connectivity for emergency management & communication in disaster  zones.

On-demand connectivity for law enforcement and first responders in public safety situations

Connectivity for rural communities and remote areas like schools, mines, oil & gas industry and more

Temporary ad hoc networks for music festivals, sporting events and other large events



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