Persistent Aerial Observation

Our ultra-endurance WatchtowerTM system can be configured to carry optical and thermal imaging payloads. This has numerous applications in industrial, agricultural, and public safety operations. WatchtowerTM  has 22-lbs payload capacity and an advanced onboard cooling system. It is the most capable aerial observation platform on the market.

Spooky Action Watchtower Drone - Close Up

Our advantage

Key Features

Ultra endurance Payload

Payload capacity of up to 10kg/22lbs. of optical and thermal sensors while flying on a tether.


Built on the same chassis as Telelift. Rated for hundreds of hours of continuous aerial observation. Capable of completely autonomous flight. Watchtower flies under standard Part 107 rules.


Packs light and deploys ultra-fast. Power the tether system from a vehicle, generator, or shore power. The entire system packs into standard Pelican cases and can deploy in minutes.


Spooky Action drones can be configured for thermal camera payloads to assist in firefighting

Carry more advanced thermal cameras, over extended duration of time for intelligent firefighting

Spooky Action tether systems can be configured to carry powerful cameras

Lift more powerful cameras to higher altitudes for film and broadcast television

Spooky Action tether systems can carry custom payloads to assist in agriculture, industrial surveys and more

Configure custom payloads for agriculture, industry surveys or conservation efforts


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