Superfly 2TM

Endurance Flight for Standard Drones

Supercharge your drone. Give your free-flying drone the ability to stay aloft for hours, not minutes. Our rugged Superfly™ system uses an ultra-thin tether managed by an auto-spooler. Superfly™ supplies power to your drone continuously, enabling your drone to do its job much, much longer – from event coverage for broadcast journalists to aerial observation and intelligence-gathering for public safety.  Superfly™ is proudly made in America and ships with the best warranty in the industry.

Spooky Action Superfly Tether System


Key Features


We can adapt the system to any drone under 55 lbs.

Longer Flight Time

Superfly 2™ lets your drone fly indefinitely. Our system enables most drones to fly for 10+ hours in this configuration.


Superfly 2™ is designed to seamlessly integrate with your drone and can be set up within minutes.


For large events, Superfly 2™ enables public safety officials to maintain situational awareness from the skies for the entire event.

In search and rescue operations, Superfly 2™ provides better aerial coverage to survey environments and manage operations.

For news organizations, Superfly 2™ turns your drone into a helicopter, and lets journalists safely provide coverage for longer events from the air.


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