Public Safety

Drones are increasingly becoming invaluable tools for public safety and intelligent emergency management. Their ease of use, relative low cost, and powerful camera systems, makes them ideal for quickly establishing situational awareness over complex situations.

Superfly is a tether system that connects to the drone you already own. It greatly enhances the capabilities of standard drones by enabling 10 hours of flight time through our auto-spooling tether system. This eliminates the constant need for battery-swaps and frees resources to address the crisis at hand.

Further, due to the mitigation of battery-related failure points, drones can be used in complex environments in a safer manner than ever before. 

Superfly leverages the power of drones to enhance operations, provides better security, more robust intelligence for search & rescue, and better accountability practices.

carrier-grade payloads

Superfly can haul up to 10kg of thermal and optical payloads allowing persistent surveillance of situations as they change over time.

All-day operations

Superfly is rated for hundreds of hours of continuous flying connectivity, and is capable of completely autonomous flight. Superfly flies under standard Part 107 rules.


Superfly packs light and deploys ultra-fast. Power the tether system from a vehicle, generator, or shore power. The entire system packs into standard Pelican cases and deploys in minutes.

Intelligent Emergency Response

Superfly is designed for endurance flight times of 10+ hours without worrying about battery swaps. Applications include, but are not limited to:

– situational awareness for the entirety of tactical SWAT operations

– long-term traffic and crowd management

– aerial intelligence for evidence gathering

– complex multi-car accident reconstruction

Superfly can carry thermal and optical payloads of up to 10 kgs/22 pounds.

– persistent thermal imaging of structural fires for hours, giving firefighting teams more information about how the situation changes over time.

– paired with chemical sensors Superfly can provide critical information in the event of  hazardous material incidents

– search & rescue teams can monitor a large area for longer, permitting better management of resources.

Superfly is ultra-portable and can be deployed rapidly in the immediate vicinity of operations center. High risk tactical operations and disaster management are made safer, thanks to unprecedented aerial insights that last as long as the mission needs.

 – Superfly makes it easier and safer to provide airborne data to determine tornado paths

– enhances safety during special event management by enabling persistent aerial surveillance

Past Deployments

PATRIOT is an annual exercise focused on local, state, federal and private sector organizations responding together to a natural or man-made emergency.

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Hurricane Laura was a deadly a Category 4 hurricane that was one of the strongest hurricanes on record to make landfall in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Telelift was one of the first connectivity assets in the area, arriving with the initial response teams and began connectivity operations even before power had been restored to the area. Read more >

More than 300 competitors participated in the French National Windsurfing championship help in Quiberon, France in November 2019.

Spooky Action, global telecom giant Orange, and remote communications specialist Klas Telecom provided network coverage to broadcast an immersive video at the event. Read more >