Aerial Broadcast

Windsurfing Championships

More than 300competitors participated in the French National Windsurfing championship help in Quiberon, France in November 2019.

Spooky Action, in conjunction with global telecom giant Orange, and remote communications specialist Klas Telecom provided network coverage to broadcast an immersive video at the event.


At the event, Telelift provided connectivity among the windsurfers and live-streamed 360-degree video back to VR headsets. This is a generational leap forward in how spectators can experience an event.

Live-streaming 360-degree video at such large outdoor events has traditionally been impossible, as it requires too much bandwidth and expensive specialized infrastructure. With unprecedented flight endurance Telelift can broadcast LTE for the entire event at a fraction of the cost.

Key Features

Expanded Coverage- Telelift is configurable with 10gbps data-over-tether for excellent video downlink performance. It is also rated for hundreds of hours of continuous flying connectivity, and is capable of completely autonomous flight.

Safety - Telelift can get you a closer look at the action safely, by mitigating the risk of battery-related drone crashes.

Portability - Telelift packs light and deploys ultra-fast. The entire system packs into standard Pelican cases fits on commercial flights or in the trunk of a compact car.

"Live streaming 360-degree video from a drone like this is the stuff of science fiction. We're excited that Telelift can make experiences like this possible.