Disaster Response

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura was a deadly and destructive Category 4 hurricane that was one of the strongest hurricanes on record to make landfall in Lake Charles, Louisiana.


Telelift was first deployed for disaster operations in 2020 to respond to Hurricane Laura. It was one of the first connectivity assets in the area, arriving with the initial response teams and began connectivity operations even before power had been restored to the area.

Flying at 100ft, Telelift carried a simple LTE repeater, allowing for a wide connection area. This deployment demonstrated Telelift’s ability to get to disasters quicker than traditional COWs and reestablish connectivity in a reliable manner.

Key Features

Rapid Deployment - Telelift deploys quicker than traditional assets and expands the coverage that COWs can provide.

Flexibility - Telelift can reestablish connectivity as a standalone system. It can also fit into existing response operations and fly under standard Part 107 rules.

Longevity of Operations - In a complex disaster zone, often, operations extend past the newly reestablished network coverage. Besides being the first connectivity asset in the field, Telelift continues to be a crucial part of the communications network, even after larger assets arrive.

Telelift enables dynamic coverage, allowing first responders to communicate in any environment.