Military Connectivity

Spooky Action's flying cell tower drone - Telelift

PATRIOT 21 Exercise

PATRIOT is an annual exercise focused on local, state, federal and private sector organizations responding together to a natural or man-made emergency.

The exercise tests responders ability to deal with emergency situations like earthquakes, collapsed buildings, blocked roads, mass casualties and the need for search & rescue.


Dragonfly is a specialized version of Telelift, custom-built for military use. Wisclift, in conjunction with Air Force Research Lab, has integrated this system into command and control vehicles for rapid deployment.

Dragonfly was able to provide Verizon network capability to first responders, connected with Satellite-based backhaul via a DH Wireless Portable Data Network. It was the only commercial drone platform authorized to fly at the event.

These exercises prove and optimize the ability of the National Guard to respond alongside state and local emergency responders, while successfully partnering with industry.

We are excited to support Wisclift and the Air Force in their effort to provide rapid-deployable communications to US and Allied armed forces. The fact that Dragonfly was able to provide immediate connectivity in an operational deadzone is a testament to the success of the operation and the working relationships that Exercise PATRIOT fosters.