Spooky Action's tethered drone provides connectivity in natural disaster zones

Connected Disaster Response

In disaster management reestablishing connectivity is one of the most critical problems that first response teams must address. It is also one of the most difficult. Network connectivity allows first responders to communicate with each other and use more sophisticated tools to address the situation. It allows survivors to call for help. This is where Spooky Action’s tethered drone systems can assist in a coordinated and connected disaster response.

In the immediate aftermath of a large-scale disaster, it is often difficult to deploy traditional vehicle-mounted connectivity tools as quickly as needed. Additionally, once those tools are deployed, there remain many gaps in coverage that leave people behind and make operations harder.

Telelift is a flying cell tower designed to support traditional connectivity tools in the aftermath of disasters. Supported by our Superfly Tether System, Telelift flies all day, carrying up to 20lbs of telecommunications equipment at up to 200ft AGL. Telelift packs down into pelican cases that can be delivered via helicopter or even the trunk of a small car. It can be deployed faster than traditional assets and provide dynamic coverage throughout the entire recovery period.

Spooky Action Watchtower Drone

Our advantage

Key Features

carrier-grade payloads

Telelift can haul up to 10kg of carrier-grade telecommunications equipment. Configurable with standard 4G, 5G, and WiFi payloads, meshing seamlessly into your team’s operations.

All-day operations

Telelift goes the distance. Our system is rated for hundreds of hours of continuous flying connectivity, and is capable of completely autonomous flight. Telelift flies under standard Part 107 rules.


Telelift packs light and deploys ultra-fast. Power the tether system from a vehicle, generator, or shore power. The entire system packs into standard Pelican cases and deploys in minutes.


Military Connectivity

Spooky Action's flying cell tower drone - Telelift

PATRIOT 21 Exercise

PATRIOT is an annual exercise focused on local, state, federal and private sector organizations responding together to a natural or man-made emergency.

The exercise tests responders ability to deal with emergency situations like earthquakes, collapsed buildings, blocked roads, mass casualties and the need for search & rescue.


Dragonfly is a specialized version of Telelift, custom-built for military use. Wisclift, in conjunction with Air Force Research Lab, has integrated this system into command and control vehicles for rapid deployment.

Dragonfly was able to provide Verizon network capability to first responders, connected with Satellite-based backhaul via a DH Wireless Portable Data Network. It was the only commercial drone platform authorized to fly at the event.

These exercises prove and optimize the ability of the National Guard to respond alongside state and local emergency responders, while successfully partnering with industry,” says WiscLift founder Scott “LB” Williams.

Rahul Tiwari, CEO of Spooky Action, notes, “We are excited to support Wisclift and the Air Force in their effort to provide rapid-deployable communications to US and Allied armed forces. The fact that Dragonfly was able to provide immediate connectivity in an operational deadzone is a testament to the success of the operation and the working relationships that Exercise PATRIOT fosters.”